Why Have I Asked You All Here?

Well, I guess I should tell you why I’ve asked you all here. It’s quite simple really, one of us wants to write video games for the Apple MacIntosh… Mac OS X to be more specific.

Why, you ask? You say that no one plays games on the Mac? You say that the Mac is dead? You say that real game players use consoles?

I scoff at all that. I play games on the Mac. I’m a real game player. I buy (and don’t pirate) games for the Mac. I don’t own a console or a Windows PC, and don’t plan on buying either one anytime soon. I also don’t think the Mac is going anywhere — even if Apple is switching to Intel chips. Plus, it’s a great platform for all kinds of things: photo editing, video, music, office productivity, UNIX hacking, web design, and playing games (among a ton of other things).

Okay, so why am I starting this blog? First, because I can. Second, because I think it will serve as an inspirational tool to get myself and keep myself moving forward on my projects. Finally, because someone else might find some of my steps, misteps, and musings of some interest.

So, what am I going to write about? I’m not exactly sure yet. This is going to be a stream of thought, unorganized, inconsistant, and unplanned process. And hopefully, this will keep me from being all of these on the actual projects that I write about. The idea is to keep track of everything I research, think about, and decide upon on this website. This will help me find things later and may just help someone else out. I originally began keeping my “journal” and research notes in a private wiki. I’d keep track of articles, ideas, blog links, etc so that I could find and reread them later. A few days ago, I finally realized that all this information could be of value to someone else and wasn’t really moving me forward. It’s not in a prose form, so it wasn’t really capturing my thoughts in the best possible way. So, I guess this blog is really my research journal, take two.

I hope that some of you reading take the time to comment on some of the topics that will appear here. Writing about something can be very valuable in helping to fully form an idea, but discussing it takes everything to that next level.

In upcomming posts, I’ll try and introduce myself a bit better: who I am, what’s my background, what are my plans, etc. But for now, I’ll cut this off. I love reading things on the internet, but long posts make me cross-eyed.