Randomized Game Design Ideas

Are you working on a new game? Are you brainstorming for story ideas? Do you need a new unique name for your new game monster? What about some spells? Or even a new setting?

Sometimes the hardest part about putting your game together is coming up with the world that your players are going to inhabit. I’m a tech guy, I program for a living. Sure, I can come up with the occasional short story and I have started my fair share of unfinished movie screenplays, but I can always use more help and inspiration when it comes to stories, new creatures, and naming things.

This is where Seventh Sanctum comes in. This site provides a hole host of free random generators geered towards helping you create your story and characters. There are generators that can help with everything from story settings to magic spells, from combat to character names, and there are even a few humorous themed generators. Check it out, it may help you break through that writer’s block.






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