Fruitful Weekend

I entered this past weekend with the goal to spend a significant amount of time on my game project, working on the game design and prototyping a simple game engine. With a ton of coffee, some loud music, and plenty of time, I was able to get a rough first draft of my game design completed.

The design still needs more work, primarily fleshing out the details of game play. But, I did complete most of the general game look and feel — enough that someone could read the design document and get a real good idea of what the game will be like.

I plan on working on the design over this week and then posting at least part of it on this site. Hopefully, it will garner some feedback and suggestions on improvements.

The interesting decision I have to make now is how much of the design to post and in what format. I don’t think I need to worry about people stealing ideas, but the notion does nag at me. Maybe, I’m too paranoid. After all, the idea and the design are only a small part of the picture. Programming and completing the game is the hard part.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments?







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  1. Dimitris Giannitsaros Avatar

    I wouldn’t be afraid to post a big chunk of the design (in parts maybe). It could make your blog *very* interesting / popular.

    As you say there is small chance someone would steal your idea and even then it’s the implementation that counts.

  2. Jon Trainer Avatar

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I’m leaning towards posting at least part of it. I’m also thinking about posting some of the game engine implementation as well. Of course I have to write the game engine first.

  3. radioact1v Avatar

    Hey jon! sorry but I couldn’t find an email so I’ll post it here maybe you’ll like the article.

    The Evolution of Mac Gaming

  4. Jon Trainer Avatar

    Thanks for the link, radioact1v.

    The article requires registration to read it and I had troubles signing in via Safari and Firefox — looks like a bug in there sign-in code. I’ll try signing up again at a later date.

  5. radioact1ve Avatar

    odd… Im using firefox and I didn’t have to register to read it… ? thats strange. Hope you can get in!

  6. Jon Trainer Avatar

    I tried it again and got in, they may have been having technical problems with their web server when I tried earlier.

    Anyway…Interesting article featuring Glenda Adams from Aspyr. She makes a few comments that really strike a chord with me. I think it’s worth dedicating an entire post about my thoughts on this article. Thanks again for the lead.

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