Getting More Readers

Ian Landsman, owner of the MicroISV UserScape and developer of HelpSpot has some nice words about this blog. Thanks Ian for the plug (actually two of them right in one day)!

Ian Jones, owner of IMiJ Software and developer of CaseDetective for FogBugz also mentions me on his blog.

Dimitris Giannitsaros ( who is developing a CRM application has also linked here.

Wow what a day! I guess as Ian Landsman said: Comment on other people’s blogs if you want to gain readers and links.

Thanks Guys!






4 responses to “Getting More Readers”

  1. Ian Avatar

    No problem. Spreading the link love is the only way to go! It’s the connections you make for people that keep them coming back to your blog, at least that’s what I think. Good Luck!

  2. Jon Avatar

    Thanks again Ian. I totally agree, spread the love.

  3. Ian M. Jones Avatar

    It’s true, “spreading the link love” is great way to give those bloggers you enjoy reading a bit of encouragement while letting them and others know you exist too.

    Ian’s link to my first post on getting an application icon designed brought me the most new unique visitors I’ve ever had! And I’m still getting pretty good visitor stats even now.

    Funnily enough, I’m reading (actually listening to) a book called “Love Is The Killer App” which also encourages you to share your knowledge and contacts to improve your own standing in everyone’s eyes. I’m only a little way into it, but it’s making sense in the context of blogging as well as the intended business context.

  4. Jon Trainer Avatar

    Ian M. Jones: That’s a good article you have going on your icon. I’ve been following along. I look forward to the conclusion.