Installing Darwin Ports

DarwinPorts provides an easy and very powerful toolset for installing cross-platform UNIX software through an easy to use interface via the terminal (command line).

Where to get it:


  1. Uncompress the installation package using Stuffit Expander
  2. Double-Click on the DarwinPorts.mpkg icon inside the DarwinPorts disk image.
  3. Open the
  4. You’ll need to add the following to your $PATH environment variable:
  5. If you are using Panther or newer (I’m using Tiger), you can add it to your .profile file using your favorite text editor (I used vi) by adding this line:
    export PATH=$PATH:/opt/local/bin
    You may need to create a new .profile text file if it doesn’t already exist in your home directory.

  6. Open a new window and type the following at the prompt:
  7. If your path and DarwinPorts is installed correctly you should see the following:

    $ port
    Usage: port [-vdqfonausbck] [-D portdir] target [flags] [portname] [options] [variants]

  8. Make sure DarwinPorts is up to date:
    sudo port -d selfupdate

Now you are ready to install all kinds of useful software, simply by typing the following at the prompt:
port install [portname]

You can search for a program by typing the following command:
port search [portname]

To see a list of available programs you can use:
port list
or you can visit: