Kyra Game Framework

I just found another game developer working on “alternative” platforms. Gianfranco Berardi is targeting Linux as well as Windows and has been writing about his learning the Kyra Game Framework.

Kyra looks very interesting, unfortunately a port for Mac OS X doesn’t exist yet. This obviously doesn’t help me out very much, but it’s always good to learn about new tools and possibilities.







2 responses to “Kyra Game Framework”

  1. GBGames Avatar

    Actually, I remember reading about an OS X version of Kyra being used for a game, but the main developer doesn’t have a Mac and so can’t release a version for it. Doing a quick search, I found where I had first read about it:

    Of course, that was some time ago and probably doesn’t apply today, but maybe someone on the mailing list for Kyra knows about it.

    By the way, your site has been in my RSS feeds since about July 5th. B-) Thanks for the trackback!

  2. Jon Trainer Avatar

    Thanks for the information. It does look to be out of date and a bit sparse on details. The Kyra web site actually says there is no OS X version at this time and they hope that someone will port it.

    No problem on the trackback and thanks for following the site. I’ve added your feed to my rss reader as well.