Roughing It

I was really tired last night, so I didn’t get anything done at all. It was Friday after a long week at the day job. So I sat down infront of the Redsox game and tried to at least make a bit of headway with some game design ideas.

I was completely unsuccessful. I was just too darn tired. I couldn’t focus on my work, I coudn’t focus on the game. So when Battlestar Galactica game on, I set my work aside and watched that then went to bed.

My wife has to work this weekend, so I’ve been planning on dedicating a significant portion of my time to working on the beginnings of my game engine. So, promptly at 6am this morning (Saturday), I dragged my tired old body out of bed and set out to make my first french press full of coffee.

I love coffee. I love the smell, the taste, and the opportunity it gives me to step away from work every so often to grab a new cup. But my favorite part is the ritual of the first cup of the morning. It’s what gets me started. I love pouring the first cup and doctoring it up with sugar and milk or cream. I like mine with two sugars and enough milk to just make it medium-light.

But wait! We’re out of milk. Boy does that take the wind out of my sails. I guess I’m roughing it this morning with no milk or cream in my coffee. It’s a tough way to start the day, but here I go…

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