Company Name Decisions

I’ve been struggling with a seemingly important decision recently: the name of my company. The problem isn’t quite as simple as just what to name a new company.

Currently, I operate my software consulting and web hosting business through a Schedule-S corporation. This works much like an LLC type of company. My company has been in business for over five years and I’ve been reasonably successful. But, the target audience of the company up to this point has been primarily larger companies.

The issue becomes, do I use my current company and mix business focus or do I create a new one? If I keep the current one, do I keep the name? It’s not a bad name, its just not a strong memorable and image evoking type of name. It was chosen as a safe name with an available domain. Since choosing the name, I’ve realized how important the name is in establishing an image and brand.

Mixing the market focus for a company seems dangerous as well. Having a corporate looking website offering .NET development services and Linux web hosting probably won’t sell very many Mac games. Additionally, a Mac game focussed site isn’t going to instill my seriousness in providing .NET services to large financial companies. Now, I’d prefer to give up the consulting and other parts of my business, but realistically, that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

The thought about creating a brand new company to concentrate on shareware games and software development is very attractive. The thought of managing the paperwork, the taxes, the fees, and the headaches of two companies does not sound appealing.

Unfortunately, I feel as though this is one of those decisions that is important enough that I need to make it very soon. I don’t want to announce product or start marketing campaigns and then need to change names and consequently domains.

Thankfully, the majority of the consulting work I do comes by word of mouth or through third party agents. Most of the time the actual client will not visit my website. So if it was selling games and not consulting, it probably would not be the end of the world. But, on the other hand I do get the occasional new client by way of the web site.

Another approach I’ve been thinking about is filing a “Doing Business As” for my corporation. From what I understand, this would allow me to operate the company under two or more names. The actual company name and a fictitious name that could be more game oriented. I need to do more research on the legal and accounting aspects of this approach.

Now, I realize that I should talk to my accountant about this, but unfortunately I’m looking for a new one.

Update: Since posting this I’ve done a bit more research. Once again, Google is my friend. I found the following articles that describe and define the whole “Doing Business As” concept.

Doing Business As (DBA) a Fictitious Business Name

Google Answers: Legal Alias?

City of Boston: City Clerk Business Certificate






7 responses to “Company Name Decisions”

  1. radioact1ve Avatar

    Man… good luck in this area. I didn’t know it could be so confusing. The DBA is totally new concept to me. Just one question, if your going to have a DBA you need an already established company, right? Just that every source I read on DBAs confuse the sh!t out of me. Especially the Wikipedia’s entry.

    This a very interesting topic, keep us posted.

  2. Jon Trainer Avatar

    Thanks, I need it.

    I find that all legal paperwork regarding business confusing. No doubt, this is why so many people who dream of starting a business don’t.

    The article you mentioned on Wikipedia is a good source of basic information on the DBA or D/B/A as they put it. They do mention that individuals can have a DBA, not just corporations.

    Infact a freelancer that sits next to me at my current client actually is a sole proprietor with a DBA. So, in short, if you do not have an LLC or corporation AND you don’t use your actual name to do business, you need a DBA.

    I would recommend looking into sole propriatorships in your state or country.

    Legal Disclaimer: Keep in mind, I’m not a lawyer or an accountant so you should seek their advice, just like I plan to do.

  3. radioact1ve Avatar

    “So, in short, if you do not have an LLC or corporation AND you don’t use your actual name to do business, you need a DBA.”

    Short and sweet. Nice.

    I intended to reply earlier, but heck had no internet. Dam Hurricane Katrina got us off guard.

  4. Jon Trainer Avatar

    “Hurricane Katrina got us off guard”

    Yikes, I hope everything is okay and everyone is safe.

  5. radioact1ve Avatar

    Thank God everyone is ok. Never seen so many trees down. That and floods up to my waist. Besides that, everything is OK.

    Thing that sucked the most was that I was working till 8pm. And at that time, the eye was above us. After that, driving home was a bitch.

  6. Jon Trainer Avatar

    I can’t even imagine what you went through. Sounds like pretty scary stuff.

    Growing up in the Midwest, we used to see Tornados from a distance all the time, but I’ve never actually been near one of them nor inside one of the storms.

    I’m surprised you drove home in the middle of it.

  7. radioact1ve Avatar

    Had no where else to go. It was either stay in the car or try to get home.

    As for tornados, wow, I have never heard so many b4. Turns out in my area, satellite and radar detected 8 tornados( though I don’t think all of them touched down). I knew something was wrong.

    Now I pray for the people on the Golf Cost. Especially New Orleans. Katrina is head there way now a Cat. 5. Scary shit!