Company Name Update

Today, I decided on a company name, acquired the domain, and filed a “Doing Business As” or DBA.

I filed for the DBA through the internet firm Legal Zoom. It only cost $124 and they file everything, publish the announcement in a local paper and do a name search. Much cheaper than when I filed through a local attorney for my original corporation. Hopefully, the paperwork will go through okay.

Once everything is compeleted and I receive the paperwork in the mail, I’ll announce the new company name and URL. At that point I also intend to hunt down a graphic designer to put together a logo and possibly some other graphics for the website.






5 responses to “Company Name Update”

  1. radioact1ve Avatar

    Sweet! Good luck, man. Starting your own game-dev company. Can’t wait till it’s my turn.

  2. Jon Trainer Avatar


    Why don’t you start your game company now? There’s never a better time to start something than today.

  3. GBGames Avatar

    I would second Jon’s notion. I’ve been “going to start a game company” for a couple of years now, and when stopped to think about it, I wondered what was stopping me from starting.

    I just bought a few books on incorporating, one specifically in my state, got the name of a CPA who helped someone I know with his company, looked into on the advice of a friend who also incorporated his company, and I will be contacting my university’s entrepreneur center for advice. I am taking definite steps, even if they may be a bit cautious.

    Basically, I would suggest making things clear in your mind. For the longest time I had this vague idea that I would start my own company, but I finally sat down and clarified what it was I had to do. Now I am doing it.

  4. Jon Trainer Avatar

    Good for you GB.

    I feel that creating the company actually formalizes your project. It forces or encourages you to treat it professionally and move forward with it.

    Speaking of books, I’m in the middle of one that covers this topic very nicely. I’m about halfway through and should have it completed by the end of this week. I’ll post a review shortly after.

  5. radioact1ve Avatar

    Congrats GB!

    Careful guys, your encouragement is doing something to me!!

    While I can’t wait till get my turn, I’m still in school. Second year at the university. I would like to focus on that 100% for now, though I will always have an open mind.