Change of Plans

I’ve been working on the design of my first game for some time now, slowly ticking away tasks on my project plan.

The goal of the game design was to outline a simple game that would also be realistic to complete by the end of this year.

Several revisions into the draft of my design document, I realized something. I don’t want to play this game. I’ve been concentrating so much on trying to keep it simple and within a sane realistic limit with respect to budget and time that I forgot that it needs to be fun and interesting too. I can’t just approach this as a task to complete and get out of the way, the actual game needs to be something that people will want to play.

I selected the game idea out of many because I felt I could tackle it technically and within the budget I alloted myself. I figured it was more important to complete something, anything.

I’m now taking a step back and rethinking my choices. I need to work on a game that fits the budget and is fun. Duh!

Sometimes I get so focussed on the task at hand, I forget about the big picture. Back to the drawing board.

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