The Adventures of El Ballo

Inside Mac Games has published an interview with ProRattaFactor, the developers of a new Mac game called The Adventures of El Ballo, soon to be released by Ambrosia. I was aware of the project before, but not in any detail. It seems like a fascinating game with a unique story.

What really got me interested though is their development log. Cudos to Ambrosia and ProRattaFactor for this gem. It’s a great read filled with an enourmous amount of information. The developers really allow us to follow along in every detail of development.

Ivan Milles, the programmer, reveals the secrets behind the game engine design and its use of cell-based animation instead of the tradional tile-based approach for side-scrollers. There are tons of screen captures showing game graphics, game play, and even some interesting bugs.

Casey Gatti, designer, artist and owner of ProRattaFactor, reveals his work on the graphics and design side as well. We get a look at the level designer, his work flow, and a hint at what tools he uses to produce his art and the cell-based animation that gives this game it’s unique and fun look.

Not only a great learning experience for interested readers, but a great marketing tool. It worked on me, I plan on checking out this game when it’s released.




2 responses to “The Adventures of El Ballo”

  1. Ivan Milles Avatar

    Hey, thanks for posting! Glad you liked the devlog, we had a blast writing it. (Even though it got a bit embarrassing at times, after the “it’s done”, “no wait, now it’s done”, “err… it’s not done”. 😉

  2. Jon Trainer Avatar

    My pleasure, Ivan.

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It’s obvious you guys enjoy what you’re doing even though it’s very hard work. Again, thanks for sharing the journey with us.