Catching Up

I forget how fast the world moves these days. So much can happen in only a few days.

I remember as a kid, I could waste away an entire summer vacation without the sense that I missed a thing. When I returned to school the next fall, life continued just as it left off the previous school year. Yes, everyone was a bit more tanned, maybe a bit taller, and probably had some summer vacation stories, but essentially nothing really changed and I didn’t miss anything important.

This month has been crazy for me. A six month long project for a client of mine came to an end, but required last minute changes and testing before deployment. After many days of long hours and tedious regression testing, I’m done with the project. Now I need to catch up with the world that passed me by during the final stretch.

The great thing is now I have some time off to work on my game project. Unfortunately, I have a ton of real-life things that need to get taken care of during my “bench” time. Hopefully, I can balance everything efficiently enough to make progress on everything.

In an effort to catch up with everyone else, humor me while I give my thoughts on some of what I’ve missed.

Apple News

  • iPod Nano: Awesome! I want one, but already have a 3rd gen iPod, so can’t justify the purchase.
  • ROKR iTunes Phone: Huh? What happened to this train wreck of inustrial design? I guess I understand the idea behind this convergence product, but given all the delays, I expected something a bit more… cool, attractive, slick, something.
  • XServe RAID: Wow, I wish I had the need and the budget. My little external firewire RAID will have to do for now.
  • iTunes 5: Hmmm… I’m not sure what to think on this one. I like the move away from the very heavy look of Brushed Metal to the new Platinum look, but I don’t really like the new trend of the sky blue side bar that iTunes and are pushing. Does anyone else think this looks a bit… Windows-esque? And what’s up with those crappy not quite round corners?
  • Apple Stock: Good stuff, I wish I knew when to take my profits.