OMG Contest Entry: Bullfrog

After some brainstorming and encouragement from Gianfranco Berardi, I’ve decided to make a go at putting together a game for the Original Mac Games (OMG) Contest.

While dreaming up an idea, I decided that I would start from the prototype I already have. It wasn’t far enough along to really be specific to any one particular game idea, so was easy enough to change.

So with a small stepping stone already written, I just needed a game idea to fit my requirements in order to get started.

But, what to do?

While looking over my prototype, it hit me.

The green circle looks like a big frog to me. It was originally intended to be just a temporary marker for testing movement inside my game view; but no matter, it’s now a bullfrog.

So… the idea.

You are a bullfrog. You live in a small pond. You have 60 seconds to catch and eat all the bugs flying over your pond using only your frog tongue. You must jump from lily pad to lily pad as they float around and eat yourself silly. If you miss a lily pad when jumping, game over. The goal is to clear as many levels as you can without running out of time. Each level gets harder by adding more bugs. Different kinds of bugs move at different speeds. Some bugs give you bonus time.

So, that’s it… what do you think?



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2 responses to “OMG Contest Entry: Bullfrog”

  1. GBGames Avatar

    Sounds like an updated Frog ‘n’ Flies, which was actually an entry on my list of game ideas. B-)

    If you can find it for the Atari 2600, I’d suggest playing it. Basically, you jump from one of two lily pads, and while in the air you shoot out your tongue to eat one of the floating flies. My sister and I would play when we were younger, and she would get upset if I ate all of the flies first.

    It sounds simple enough to do, and it is definitely interesting. Good luck!

  2. Jon Trainer Avatar

    Thanks for the info GB. I’ve never heard of the game, but I’ll see if I can hunt it down.

    Thanks again for the words of encouragement.