A Frog Eats Bugs

I made tremendous progress today.

My bull frog now has full motion control. He can rotate a full 360 degrees and jump forward. He has a nice long frog tongue that can catch all the bugs that are flying around in his frog pond.

Features Remaining:

  • floating lily pads
  • rounds or levels
  • round clock (30 or 60 seconds)
  • score keeping
  • different kinds of bugs (dragon flies, gnats, mosquitos, etc.)
  • sound effects
  • finally, better graphics

4 thoughts on “A Frog Eats Bugs

  1. I’m between contract projects right now. I’m splitting my time during the day between this game, LicenseKeeper development, blogging, and general website work.

    But I would say approximately, 60% of my time is on Bullfrog.

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