Bullfrog Alpha v0.60 Released

A new version of Bullfrog is now available with tons of enhancements. Though a majority of the work went into the refactoring of the cocoa and objective-c code.

These were important changes that allow for adding new bugs in future versions. It also allows me to move away from procedurally built levels to designed levels to allow for better play balancing.

Below is a list of changes that went into this build.

  • fixed high scores bug for adding ties
  • added title to main menu
  • added copyright to main menu
  • added high scores
  • added main menu screen
  • added options menu
  • added round starting screen
  • added round completed screen
  • added game over screen
  • added ‘esc’ to quit game, leave options, leave high scores
  • player can now toggle sound effects
  • player can now toggle ambient sound
  • major code refactor
  • added floating time bonus indicator
  • added floating point bonus indicator

Update: 11/16/2005 — Bullfrog updated to Alpha v0.80

Download Bullfrog