Game Icon and Artwork – Part 3

In Part 2 of this series of articles, I presented Jordan Langille‘s initial sketch for the application icon for Bullfrog. His first try was dead on with what I was looking for.

After approving the sketch, Jordan set off to create the initial version of the icon graphic. A week later, Jordan came back with his first attempt at rendering the sketch into actual icon ready art.

I found this version to be a great conversion from his original sketch, but not perfect. I wanted some changes made.

Here are the exact comments I sent back to Jordan.

Looks pretty good. I like the eyes, the back legs and feet very much.

A couple of changes though:

The front two legs look strange to me. They don’t look like they are in the right perspective. They also look like they aren’t quite long enough, like they aren’t really reaching the ground.

The frog’s face and the center point between the front legs don’t quite line up either.

Also his left back leg and left front leg are too close together when the graphic is smaller. They look like they merge together. Maybe some space between them?

Also it looks like he’s resting on his butt instead of squatting on his hind legs. The heel on the right back leg gives me this impression.

Twenty-three hours later, I received an updated version.

Perfect! The front legs and eyes are now lined up. The frog now looks like he’s resting on his legs instead of his backside. Jordan also made the whole frog skinnier, which made the whole image look a bit more balanced.

The next step, creating a Mac .icns file that can be linked with the compiled binary of Bullfrog. Once that is completed, Jordan will attack the artwork for the in-game animated sprites.

Game Icon and Artwork: Part 1, Part 2



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3 responses to “Game Icon and Artwork – Part 3”

  1. radioact1ve Avatar

    Sweet! It’s cool how Jordan was able to take your comments and make them work. You really notice the difference. And in 23 hours mind you!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Jon Trainer Avatar

    Hey radioact1ve, glad to see you’re still reading.

    I’m pretty impressed with what Jordan has done too (if you can’t tell). He really has a talent for understanding exactly what I want.

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. radioact1ve Avatar

    For sure bro!

    I have been here behind the scenes reading. I guess nothing much to say, really. 8)