Bullfrog Alpha v0.80 Released

I’ve been very busy with the new day job. It’s really taken a huge chunk of my time. Fortunately I’ve been able to eek out enough time to finally ready a new build of Bullfrog.

This past week of heads down game programming has produced the following changes for this new release:

  • heavy bug animation optimization
  • added “loading…” title screen during pre-rendering of animation frames
  • all rotations are now pre-rendered for improved performance
  • rebuilt the bug rendering system to support full unlimited animation frames
  • upgraded project to Xcode 2.2
  • ScoreBoard is now renderred directly on the main game view instead of its own custom NSView

Items still to complete:

  • Add more bug varieties
  • Incorporate actual animation artwork
  • Add background to game view
  • Play Balance Levels/Rounds
  • Instructions/Help Screen
  • Options preferences need to be saved between sessions
  • Custom Control bindings
  • Allow player to enter their name for high scores
  • Registration/Demo handling
  • Difficulty Levels?

Some of these features most likely will not make it into the game by the OMG Cup deadline of Midnight November 28. But I’ll do my best. The OMG Cup only requires the game to be in Beta condition to be eligible, so some of the minor things can probably be pushed off until after the contest.

Download Bullfrog