Bullfrog Alpha v0.60 Released

A new version of Bullfrog is now available with tons of enhancements. Though a majority of the work went into the refactoring of the cocoa and objective-c code.

These were important changes that allow for adding new bugs in future versions. It also allows me to move away from procedurally built levels to designed levels to allow for better play balancing.

Below is a list of changes that went into this build.

  • fixed high scores bug for adding ties
  • added title to main menu
  • added copyright to main menu
  • added high scores
  • added main menu screen
  • added options menu
  • added round starting screen
  • added round completed screen
  • added game over screen
  • added ‘esc’ to quit game, leave options, leave high scores
  • player can now toggle sound effects
  • player can now toggle ambient sound
  • major code refactor
  • added floating time bonus indicator
  • added floating point bonus indicator

Update: 11/16/2005 — Bullfrog updated to Alpha v0.80

Download Bullfrog

The Dangers of Positive Feedback

William Willing over at Casual Game Design has posted an interesting article on The dangers of positive feedback.

Positive feedback in games occurs when winners are rewarded and losers are punished. Being in the lead makes it easy to stay in the lead, being good makes it easier to become better. And those who follow have no chance of catching up. This can quickly ruin a game, at least for those that are left behind.

Advertising in Games

Wired has a write up on the subject.

On Monday, online game provider Shockwave.com will begin offering advertisers a way to insert ads within the games themselves. While it’s believed to be the first such invasion in web-based games, it’s only one of a growing number of venues advertisers are using to reach its shifting and fleeting audiences.

It’ll be interesting to see how this affects their customers. Will they keep coming back? Will their numbers continue to grow? Will there be a backlash?

Blogging About Mac Programming

Carlos Camacho, owner and editor of the Mac game developers’ site iDevGames and application developer’s site iDevApps, has posted a nice bit on blogging about Mac programming. He points out two great blogs on general mac programming I have not seen before and gives Make Mac Games a nice little plug.

He also requests that if there are any other blogs out there on Mac programming, that they be submitted to the article’s comments section so everyone can benefit.

Thanks, Carlos!

Game Icon and Artwork – Part 2

This morning, Jordan Langille delivered his sketch for the Bullfrog application icon. He was able to create what I had in mind on his first try. Now, he’s working on turning the sketch into an actual application icon.

I set Jordan to work on the application icon first, because I felt having the icon to display on the product page would be helpful for marketing purposes. You know, first impressions and everything.

Once we have the application icon designed and finalized, we’ll start working on the in game graphics. Ideally, I’d like to have the game artwork match the icon in style and feel.

Game Icon and Artwork – Part 1

Bullfrog Alpha v0.56

After some really good feedback on the initial alpha release, I’ve made some minor changes that should improve game play quite a bit.

The main complaints:

  1. bugs are too hard to hit
  2. tongue recharges to slowly
  3. frog’s movement is too [fast, jerky, jittery], i.e. low frame rates

Release Notes:

  • doubled the size of all the bugs so they are easier to hit
  • frog’s tongue is now fatter, longer, and recharges faster
  • frog’s recharge rate is now frame rate independent
  • removed the blue pond circle for performance reasons (gained 2-5 frames per second)

Update: 11/16/2005 — Bullfrog updated to Alpha v0.80

Download Bullfrog

Playable Build of Bullfrog

I have an early playable build of Bullfrog now available for download.

Keep a few things in mind:

  • There’s still some missing functionality
  • Graphics are all temporary “developer’s” artwork.
  • Has only been tested on Mac OS X 10.4.2 and 10.4.3
  • Has not been performance tuned yet, but runs great on a Dual 2GHz G5 and okay on a 800Mhz Titanium PowerBook with 1GB RAM.
  • Game play has not been balanced and tweaked.

If you do download the game and give it a try. Please report any issues back to me with as much detail as you can either on the comments of this post or via the contact page on my company site.

Update: 11/16/2005 — Bullfrog updated to Alpha v0.80

Download Bullfrog