Bullfrog in the News

Bullfrog was briefly mentioned on the french website Jeux Mac

For those of us that are French impaired, here is a snippet from the google translation of the article:

Whereas OriginalMacgames Contest is about to close its doors in order to return its verdict, there it is still possible to go to download the registered plays.

There is really sympathetic software, here a small description of some:

BullFrog: a small play for child (less than 10 years) in whom it will have to nourish a frog.

Okay, it’s not the most impressive review in the world, but it’s my first mention — so bear with me.







One response to “Bullfrog in the News”

  1. GBGames Avatar

    Hey, it’s always exciting to find any mention of your name when you don’t expect it. B-)