Bullfrog: Next Release

I started work on the next release of Bullfrog this weekend.

There was a short list of bugs and features that I didn’t have time for prior to the OMG Cup deadline. So, while I’m brainstorming on what the next project will be I thought I may as well try and knock some of the items off the list.

One of the top items on my list was to build Bullfrog as a Universal Binary. This turned out to be pretty easy to do, but the hard part is getting my hands on an Intel Mac so I can test the build prior to releasing it.

I’m considering the “big upgrade” from my 800Mhz Titanium PowerBook to the new MacBook Pro. But, the financially prudent approach would be to head over to the local Mac retail store and give Bullfrog a test run on a display model.

I’m also considering making the jump to submitting the game to VersionTracker and similar download sites. I’m very interested in what kind of traffic this would pull in, especially for a simple freeware game. It seems like this would be a good test and learning experience.



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