Site Changes

Finally, I have replaced the default WordPress header image with something a bit more appropriate to this site’s content.

I’ve also added by email addy to the sidebar for easy reference. Sorry for the lack of an easy “mailto” link (stupid spammers).

A nice new Bullfrog icon now adorns the top of the sidebar. Maybe, I’ll get more click through traffic to the game’s free download page.

I’ve relegated the Google Adsense stuff down to the bottom of the page. I have a feeling the ads will eventually end up in the great circular folder in the sky. As I start pushing my own games as products the need and distraction of the advertisements will be minimized.






2 responses to “Site Changes”

  1. GBGames Avatar

    I like the new header image.

  2. Jon Trainer Avatar

    Thanks! I fealt it was a big improvement for a very small effort.