Author: Jon

  • Indie Game Developer’s Podcast

    I just rediscovered this nice little podcast: Indie Game Developer’s Podcast The podcast features interviews with independent game developers, including: Positech Games (Starship Tycoon, Democracy, Kudos) Squashy Software (Platypus, Cletus Clay) Amaranth Games (Aveyond, Ahriman’s Prophecy)

  • Bullfrog Download Statistics

    One of the more interesting things about releasing software is tracking how people find your software and how many people download and use the product. Since I first released the Alpha version of Bullfrog back in October 2005, I’ve been tracking approximate download and referral statistics. I finally got around to actually putting all these…

  • Kudos Game Post-Mortem

    Cliff Harris, Positech Games, has published a design post-mortem of his latest game: Kudos. It’s an interesting step-by-step review of the process of designing the Kudos game user interface. Cliff’s choices of color, style, and effects are all displayed in lovely time-lapse style. This is a great overview of part of the game design process.

  • Bullfrog 1.2.0 Released

    Bullfrog 1.2.0 is out. I’m pretty excited about this release. There are bunch of cool new things in this version: Automatic Software Updates using Andy Matuschak’s awesome Sparkle Framework Online High Scores Pause Button Screen Shot Button Several bug fixes Download Bullfrog 1.2.0 for Free

  • Spymac Review of Bullfrog

    Kristie Masuda from Spymac published a nice little review of Bullfrog last Friday. More Info on Outer Level Blog

  • More on Multithreading in OpenGL

    Yesterday, I mentioned the possibility of a multithreaded version of OpenGL coming to Mac OS X. Today, Macworld has an article revealing much more detailed information. Sounds like there could be some interesting results when this technology becomes the mainstream.

  • Apple Hot Pick: Bullfrog

    Apple has just listed my game, Bullfrog, as a Hot Pick and Featured Download. More Details over on the company blog: Apple Hot Pick: Bullfrog

  • Multi-Threaded OpenGL?

    Tuncer Denis of has an interesting post on his blog speculating that Apple is readying an update to OpenGL that will bring up to a reportedly 2x performance boost. One person told me they saw a very popular MMORPG DOUBLE in frame rates in one particular scene because of multi-threaded OpenGL. We’re talking from…

  • Bullfrog Listed on

    Finally, I’ve gotten around to actually submitting Bullfrog to some of the download sites. The first site I’ve submitted to is I’ve decided to spread the submissions out a bit to both make sure my server can handle the additional load and to get a feel as to which sites bring the most traffic.…

  • Windows Games on Intel Macs reports: TransGaming today released the “Cider” portability engine for Intel-based Macs, offering game developers and publishers the ability to deploy Windows-based games on new Macs quickly and easily, without the need for traditional arduous porting. This sounds interesting, but “Cider” uses a Windows compatibility library to allow this to work. I wonder what the…