Category: Game Design

  • Bullfrog 2 Update

    Just thought I would update anyone who is still subscribed to this feed here at I’ve moved my active blogging about game development to my company’s blog to keep everything together. It’s become easier over time to maintain only one blog. On that note, I just posted a small Bullfrog 2 development update and…

  • Story Writing in Games

    Ars Technica recently published a three part series on “Why Writing In Games Matters”. It’s an interesting read and certainly makes one think about how their game design can be improved by putting more thought and effort into the story as well as the purty graphics and rendering engine. Why Writing in Games Matters –…

  • Bullfrog 2

    Posted on my company blog: Bullfrog 2 Bullfrog exceeded all my expectations. Even though it was only supposed to be a learning project and was developed with a tiny budget, downloads have been non-stop since it made its way on to the big Mac download websites. Watching as the high scores have gotten higher and…

  • Building WingNuts in Xcode with OpenGL

    The Apple Developer Connection just posted a new developer interview. This time they talk to Freeverse, developer of “WingNuts 2” and publisher of “Heroes of Might and Magic V“, “LineForm“, and “ComicLife“. The 11-person team at Freeverse, Inc. might be small, but the company has scored big with the action arcade game Wingnuts 2: Raina’s…

  • Indie Game Developer’s Podcast

    I just rediscovered this nice little podcast: Indie Game Developer’s Podcast The podcast features interviews with independent game developers, including: Positech Games (Starship Tycoon, Democracy, Kudos) Squashy Software (Platypus, Cletus Clay) Amaranth Games (Aveyond, Ahriman’s Prophecy)

  • Kudos Game Post-Mortem

    Cliff Harris, Positech Games, has published a design post-mortem of his latest game: Kudos. It’s an interesting step-by-step review of the process of designing the Kudos game user interface. Cliff’s choices of color, style, and effects are all displayed in lovely time-lapse style. This is a great overview of part of the game design process.

  • Spymac Review of Bullfrog

    Kristie Masuda from Spymac published a nice little review of Bullfrog last Friday. More Info on Outer Level Blog

  • Apple Hot Pick: Bullfrog

    Apple has just listed my game, Bullfrog, as a Hot Pick and Featured Download. More Details over on the company blog: Apple Hot Pick: Bullfrog

  • Apple Article: Mac Game Engines

    The Apple Developer Connection has posted a new article summarizing four popular third-party game engines and using them for Mac game development. The article covers the following four game engines: Torque Game Engine Torque Game Builder Unity Game Engine PTK Game Engine The article is a nice overview of the covered game engines, but I…

  • Are Video Games Art? Do Games Make Good Movies?

    GBGames has some commentary on Chicago Sun-Times, Roger Ebert’s review of the movie, “Silent Hill” and statements that games are not art. I have not seen nor played “Silent Hill”, but I have seen and played “Doom” and watched “Resident Evil” (which I quite liked). I find Ebert’s comments quite silly, actually. Games don’t make…