Category: Game Graphics

  • Kudos Game Post-Mortem

    Cliff Harris, Positech Games, has published a design post-mortem of his latest game: Kudos. It’s an interesting step-by-step review of the process of designing the Kudos game user interface. Cliff’s choices of color, style, and effects are all displayed in lovely time-lapse style. This is a great overview of part of the game design process.

  • Free Sprite Editor

    Just found this nice little free sprite editor for Mac OS X called Pixen. Pixen features layers, smart palettes, and animation among other things. It is still in Beta as the time of this writing, but feels pretty solid.

  • Casual Game Artwork: From Concept to Completion

    What’s involved in building a casual game these days? There is a lot more to making a casual game than most people realize. I learned this first hand recently, as I participated in the 2005 OMG Cup these past two months. I always believed casual games were simple and quick to develop. Compared to the…

  • Game Icon and Artwork – Part 4

    In Part 3 of this series on the artwork behind Bullfrog, I revealed the revisions leading up to the final version of the Bullfrog application icon. For Part 4 of the series, I originally planned to begin taking you through step by step as I worked with my artist, Jordan Langille to specify and refine…

  • Game Icon and Artwork – Part 3

    In Part 2 of this series of articles, I presented Jordan Langille‘s initial sketch for the application icon for Bullfrog. His first try was dead on with what I was looking for. After approving the sketch, Jordan set off to create the initial version of the icon graphic. A week later, Jordan came back with…

  • Game Icon and Artwork – Part 2

    This morning, Jordan Langille delivered his sketch for the Bullfrog application icon. He was able to create what I had in mind on his first try. Now, he’s working on turning the sketch into an actual application icon. I set Jordan to work on the application icon first, because I felt having the icon to…

  • Game Icon and Artwork

    The game is nearing the point where I’m ready to begin incorporating professionally designed artwork. For this I’ve hired Jordan Langille of Jordan comes highly recommended by Ian Jones. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress.

  • Pixel Art Tutorial

    via iDevGames: So You Wanna Be A Pixel Artist? There’s a whole bunch of good information on game art creation. I’ve added Zoggles to my Game Programming Links page for future reference.

  • Free Game Graphics and Sprites

    Ari Feldman has produced a collection of free static and animated graphics (or sprites), called SpriteLib, that can be used freely by anyone in their games as long as they adhere to the Common Public License. Seems like a good resource for “developer art” during game engine development and prototyping.