Category: Inspiration

  • The Adventures of El Ballo

    Inside Mac Games has published an interview with ProRattaFactor, the developers of a new Mac game called The Adventures of El Ballo, soon to be released by Ambrosia. I was aware of the project before, but not in any detail. It seems like a fascinating game with a unique story. What really got me interested…

  • Idea Generation

    Kevin Dangoor points us towards Martin Leith’s collection of Idea Generation Methods. These methods are general and intended for business ideas and not game design oriented, but there’s no reason why they couldn’t be applied to game design. Afterall, building games is a business.

  • The Escapist on The Games Industry

    The Escapist has two great articles on the state of games in 2005. The first, Death to the Games Industry, Part I covers game development and publishing for the big guys, the AAA titles. It covers topics like the problems of dealing with publishers, the technology arms race, and cautions us about games looking and…

  • Game Built in One Week

    I just found this interesting article where Jay Barnson of Rampant Games develops an RPG from scratch in 40 hours. Pretty cool idea and his results are quite impressive.

  • Never Surrender

    Jon Jones has a good article on persistence: Smart People are Dumb, Failure is Awesome. Jones talks about succeeding simply by outlasting others. I guess it’s like the old saying, “I don’t have to out run the lion, just you”. I think this is pretty good advice.

  • No Regrets

    The other day my wife and I were invited to a floor party in our apartment building by a couple in their sixties. We’ve been friendly with them ever since we moved in three years ago, but have never really gotten to know them. We spent an amazing evening listening to their life stories. They…

  • Power of Passion

    I’m amazed at what I can get done when I’m passionate about something. I’m an independent software contract developer during the day. The majority of work I perform for clients is firmly planted in the corporate financial world. It pays pretty well, but I find it extremely boring and unfulfilling. I spend many hours a…

  • Game Design: A Drunken Review of Lux

    Drunken Batman has a superb writeup on Lux, a Risk-like game that was originally developed on and for the Mac. It includes a raving review and a short history of the game’s life by the author, Dustin Sacks. I love reading about shareware author’s success stories, especially Mac developers. This one is particularly special to…

  • What Business Can Learn From Open Source

    Paul Grahm has written a terrific essay, “What Business Can Learn From Open Source”. He covers some great topics including productivity, employees, idea and business creation, and enjoyment (the most important of all).

  • More from Wil Shipley

    Drunken Batman has a great interview on his Druken Blog with Wil Shipley and all things Delicious Monster. Wil is an interesting personality who has a great perspective on the software industry and is very willing to share his experiences gained by founding two incredibly successful software companies. Wil has also posted a followup to…