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  • Bullfrog Download Statistics

    One of the more interesting things about releasing software is tracking how people find your software and how many people download and use the product. Since I first released the Alpha version of Bullfrog back in October 2005, I’ve been tracking approximate download and referral statistics. I finally got around to actually putting all these…

  • Apple Hot Pick: Bullfrog

    Apple has just listed my game, Bullfrog, as a Hot Pick and Featured Download. More Details over on the company blog: Apple Hot Pick: Bullfrog

  • Bullfrog Listed on

    Finally, I’ve gotten around to actually submitting Bullfrog to some of the download sites. The first site I’ve submitted to is I’ve decided to spread the submissions out a bit to both make sure my server can handle the additional load and to get a feel as to which sites bring the most traffic.…

  • The Indie Developer’s Guide To Selling Games

    A new book has just been published that hopes to help indie game developers in the area of business that most of us struggle with. Besides the actual game design and development, marketing is the most important aspect of reaching success as an indie game developer. No matter how good your game is, if no…

  • Jeff Vogel on the View From the Bottom

    Spiderweb Software’s Jeff Vogel (Avernum, Geneforge) describes his View From the Bottom of the game industry over on RPG Vault. Or what Joe Indie calls the “anti-Pavlina” view of game development. What is the moral of this? The game industry is a highly competitive, scary place. It’s not hopeless, but it’s a tough road. And…

  • New Company Logo

    I’ve posted a detailed article on the design of my company logo over on my company’s blog.

  • How To: Start Your Own Game Company

    Interesting article found via Hot To Create Your Own Game Company: Part 1 Equally interesting, linked to by the above article: Starting Your Own Game Company

  • Company Logo Design

    My company logo design project has started. If interested, you can follow along on my company blog.

  • Announcing LicenseKeeper, a New Blog, and a Company Name

    A funny thing has happened to me since I started writing about my pursuit of Mac game development. New needs, ideas, and opportunities have arisen. Some directly related to blogging, some related to running a MicroISV, and yet others related to my normal everyday technology-centric life. This last item leads me to my first announcement:…

  • Open-Source Shareware Registration Framework

    Are you looking for a way to setup a registration system for your shareware software? There are several commercial products out there, but Aquatic has released a free (donations accepted) open-source framework: AquaticPrime. It supports both Cocoa and Carbon integration and also includes a php-based library for use on your online e-commerce shopping cart system.…