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  • Aspyr Announces: The Gamerhood

    via today’s Aspyr Games Newsletter (July 31, 2006): The Gamerhood(TM), coming soon, will allow Mac users to download casual games and video games. Earlier this month we announced the development of a new game application, The Gamerhood(TM), that will allow a user to purchase and download a game directly to their Macintosh using a standard […]

  • SDL and OpenGL Tutorial for Mac OS X

    I found a nice tutorial on developing games with SDL and OpenGL on Mac OSX with Xcode by Mark Szymczyk. Mark covers setting up SDL in Xcode, initializing OpenGL, and SDL event loops. He also provides the source code. via:

  • Mac Shareware Distribution

    MacWorld’s Peter Cohen writes about commercial games taking up the shareware distribution model in his The Game Room column: Shareware isn’t exactly a new idea. But the distribution model for shareware is being adapted by commercial game publishers for a new breed of commercial game that’s starting to impact how Mac games are sold. Cohen […]

  • Game Development Blog

    Chuck Arellano has some nice words to say about my Happy Birthday post. It turns out that I’ve managed to help inspire him a bit to move forward with his own game development projects with a bit more energy. To me it appears that he’s well on his way with some published source code of […]

  • Happy Birthday

    It’s been exactly one year since my very first post on this blog. I’ve accomplished a ton since then. I have learned Objective-C and some Cocoa. I have dabbled with The Allegro Game Framework but ultimately chose something else. I committed to competing in the 2005 Original Mac Games Cup which directly lead to developing […]

  • 21 Days Game Development Contest has announced their next game development contest: “21-Days Later: Carlosvision” Carlosvision – The Concept Since 1998, the Editor-in-Chief of iDevGames, Carlos Camacho, has been tirelessly promoting gaming on the Macintosh platform, as well through building a strong community of indie Mac game developers. He now invites the community to show appreciation for these efforts […]

  • Apple Article: Mac Game Engines

    The Apple Developer Connection has posted a new article summarizing four popular third-party game engines and using them for Mac game development. The article covers the following four game engines: Torque Game Engine Torque Game Builder Unity Game Engine PTK Game Engine The article is a nice overview of the covered game engines, but I […]

  • Marketing Plan for Indie Games

    Gamasutra has a new article outlining a basic plan for marketing indie games. The plan is short and simple in presentation and uses Poly Count Productions‘ new indie game, Edoiki, to walk the reader through all the steps involved. The author, Juuso Hietalahti (Poly Count Productions, makes a great point in his first step: […]

  • Tuncer Dennis: Bungie, Marathon, & Indie Game Developers

    Tuncer Dennis (Inside Mac Games, Mac Game Store, Mac Game Files) has a post on his blog about the days when he used to work with the game studio, Bungie. He includes a nice little video on the days right before the launch of their game Marathon. Though Tuncer is no Spielberg, it’s interesting to […]

  • Free Sprite Editor

    Just found this nice little free sprite editor for Mac OS X called Pixen. Pixen features layers, smart palettes, and animation among other things. It is still in Beta as the time of this writing, but feels pretty solid.