Month: November 2005

  • How To: Start Your Own Game Company

    Interesting article found via Hot To Create Your Own Game Company: Part 1 Equally interesting, linked to by the above article: Starting Your Own Game Company

  • Announcement: Bullfrog Released

    After a ton of work over the past month designing and programming my first Mac game, it is finally finished. All the final artwork and animation is complete. All known bugs have been fixed. The final executable binary has been packaged and zipped. Bullfrog has been officially entered into the 2005 OMG Cup and public […]

  • Bullfrog Teaser Screen Shot

    I haven’t posted any updates on my development progress on Bullfrog for a while. I’ve been very busy trying to get the game ready for the OMG Cup 2005 deadline of Midnight, November 28. Once I get through the deadline, I’m planning on writing a postmortem on the development of the game. I’ve learned a […]

  • Play it Safe vs Play it Risky

    Thomas Warfield of “Pretty Good Solitaire” fame says that playing it safe is risky ala Seth Godin’s adivce in Purple Cow. So many newcomers seem to believe that the key to success is to make a game just like some other successful game. But the reason the original game was successful was probably because it […]

  • OMG Cup: One Week Left

    One week to go until the Original Mac Games Cup deadline. The game is code complete barring no bugs or serious performance issues over the next week of testing and game play balancing. The majority of the work left to do is to incorporate the final artwork. I’m only waiting on the final animated sprites […]

  • Game Developers’ Bill of Rights

    The IGDA (International Game Developers Association) has posted a Game Developers’ Bill of Rights on their site. Some interesting rights are listed. Though I agree with the thoughts behind them. I would think these are all contingent on the contract you sign with your publisher. For example: 1. The right to full ownership of what […]

  • Bullfrog Alpha v0.80 Released

    I’ve been very busy with the new day job. It’s really taken a huge chunk of my time. Fortunately I’ve been able to eek out enough time to finally ready a new build of Bullfrog. This past week of heads down game programming has produced the following changes for this new release: heavy bug animation […]

  • Server IP Migration

    This site is currently going through a server IP address migration. There may be some outage time while DNS propagates. Please bear with me.

  • Spammers Found Me

    The spammers finally found this site. So I’ve implemented spam prevention for the comments section. If you are a logged in registered reader, there is no change. For unregistered readers, there is now a security number to enter in when commenting. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Game Icon and Artwork – Part 3

    In Part 2 of this series of articles, I presented Jordan Langille‘s initial sketch for the application icon for Bullfrog. His first try was dead on with what I was looking for. After approving the sketch, Jordan set off to create the initial version of the icon graphic. A week later, Jordan came back with […]